Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mobile Ad Trends for 2014

While still a relatively new player, mobile marketing and advertising has risen to pretty much the top of the online marketing industry ladder. If you want your business to compete, you should start working with an efficient advertising agency to craft the perfect mobile ad campaign yet. Here are some of this year’s trends you can embody:

Independent Mobile Ads

In the past, mobile marketing has always been linked with desktop campaigns, but ever since the rise of the Smartphone, things have turned around. Today, your mobile ads need to be capable of standing on their own, which means that they should be of a design fitted especially for the convenience of the mobile phone user.

Quality Apps

Your mobile apps should focus more on quality rather than quantity—in short, spamming people on mobile is a major pitfall that you might not be able to recover from. Operating systems like that from Apple rely on ranking apps based on the number of downloads, and how else can you significantly increase the number of people downloading your apps if not by making it worth their while?

Media Ads

While you don’t have to say goodbye to banner ads, they are quickly at a disadvantage when it comes to mobile phones, given the relatively small screens of smartphones. What’s becoming more and more trendy on the other hand are converting to rich media ads, such as tap-to-expand pages or mobile video advertising.

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