Monday, October 20, 2014

Marketing Real Estate in a Virtual World

The byword for marketing in today’s digital world is social media. Of course an advertising agency still functions to create awareness, but social media allow marketers to talk to the market on their level. If you need to reach out to your customers, there’s bound to be a channel they’re tuned into.

Find out where they are
Determine where the decision makers and influencers spend most of their time then jump right on in. Set up an account on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and so on. Two to three channels should be more than enough.

Importance of consistency and frequency
Studies have shown that brands which publish an average of 1.5 to 2 posts a day per channel engage twice as many customers than a brand that posts 1.5 to 2 posts per week. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a regular on that channel. Set aside a regular schedule to engage your target audience and stick to it.

Keep it real
While interacting online, make comments and reactions about what you think and who you are. You’ll be surprised how intuitive netizens can be. Always respond to comments made about your brand, whether positive or negative without sounding “canned”.

Build genuine relationships
Your customer engagement will bear fruit if you do it both online and in the real world. Take this opportunity to bond with your online friends in an offline setting. When the time is right, invite them to your property or development for cocktails.

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